This is what happened…

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We wanted to tell you Thank you for your inspection. Because this is what happened. I selected the house and signed the contract before my husband went to see the house. My sales agent told me nothing was wrong with the house even though I mentioned the cracks on the foundation.

As soon as my husband checked in the house, he goes this is not good. Well, after all he is an engineer, but not me.
Mark Godfrey,
Plano, TX

We’ll contact you shortly

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“I am in negotiations phase of another property, and will absolutely be in need of Ricky’s services. I look forward to doing business with you again. We will contact you shortly.”

Jeff Iris,
Ennis, Texas

Recommendations of my own

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“I have indeed forwarded recommendations of my own to my coworkers and friends and hope they will retain your services as well.”

Phillip Osteen,
Plano, Texas

Hello world!

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