Home Inspection Plano Roof Damage By Tree

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Home Inspection Plano Roof DamageRoof Damage Identified By Plano Home Inspector

The other day I showed you a tree that was close to the house and I said that it could cause foundation problems to the home.

I also said that I was going to see if the same tree caused any roof problems and I would show you the results. As you can see in this picture, the branches did cause damage to the roof.

Before planting any trees close to your home you should consider what damage the tree could cause as it grows.

As a home inspector in Plano, TX I see a lot of issues like this. Before you choose your home inspector take the time to view their sample home inspection report. This report can help you see the quality of the inspection services.

View Home Inspection TX Sample Report

Floor joist deterioration

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Floor joist show signs of deterioration at resting point on the sill plate. This area should be
monitored closely over the coming years.

Gutter downspout issues

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The gutter downspouts should discharge water at least thirty-six inches (36”) away from the foundation perimeter beam. Storm water should be encouraged to flow away from the
building at the points of discharge.

Watch the roof…

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There was no kickout flashing observed at the lower bottom edge of the roof and the sidewall. The lack of this kickout flashing will allow water to penetrate at these points.