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If you’ve ever had the pleasure of spending a summer on the gulf coast you’re already well aware of what windstorms are-and more importantly, what they can do to your home. For residents of Texas, however, windstorms are more than a nameless, faceless threat that seems bound and determined to ruin your vacation. They’re an unavoidable part of daily life, and they’re something that has to be considered when it comes to their home.

That’s why so many Texans look to the TWIA.

A windstorm can and often does wreak an incredible amount of havoc on homes in and around Texas. Because of its proximity to the coast on (almost) all sides most of Texas’s homes are considered to be at a high risk for damage by the various hurricanes and tornadoes that come stampeding through the area on a regular basis. Since they happen often, and with little regard to the damage they leave behind, most homeowners insurance providers won’t touch the damages that wind and hail leave behind in these areas with a ten foot pole.

Recognizing the fact that living in a high risk area with no protection against the damages left behind was unacceptable for Texas homeowners, the state created the TWIA (Texas Windstorm Insurance Association). ┬áThe TWIA issues insurance policies to Texas homeowners who absolutely, positively can’t find insurance coverage in the private sector. Like most last-ditch attempts (at, well, anything!) an insurance purchase made through the TWIA is more expensive than insurance purchased through the private sector; however, it’s a vast improvement over not having any insurance coverage at all when a hurricane comes sweeping in off the coast!

If you’re a Texas homeowner and you haven’t been able to find insurance coverage to protect your home against the wind, rain and hail because of where it’s located, contact an insurance agent about purchasing a policy through the TWIA. The first thing they’ll do is send you an insurance application that you’ll need to fill out and return, and give you directions on completing your TWIA home inspection.

Last ditch resort or not, the TWIA isn’t going to set its members up to have to pay insurance claims over and over again. Before they’ll insure a house they want to know that it isn’t going to go plunging to the ground the first time the wind starts to blow! To make sure that your home is up to current building code the TWIA is going to require you to get a WPI-8 certificate for your home.

What’s that mean? It means if the Big Bad Wolf comes knocking with ten mile per hour winds backing him up your home isn’t going to be reduced to firewood!

There’s nothing like the feeling of living on the gulf, but the last thing you want to do is have to sacrifice your home for the privilege. Contact your insurance agent to find out about protecting your Texas home from windstorms through the TWIA today.

Clifford. F. Berman is the CEO of QuoteScout.com. For over a decade QuoteScout has been matching customers’ requests for insurance quotes with local agents and national providers to help them find the best insurance prices in the business. For more information on buying Texas windstorm insurance, visit them on the web at http://www.QuoteScout.com


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